Food writing and eating, and a bee

Yesterday I:
-went to an all-day food writing workshop
-listened to an inspiring talk by the co-owner of Urth Caffe
-experienced a coffee tasting, during which I tasted some really smooth coffee
-bought proper shoes for the first time in ages
-had pizza for lunch
-had a walk
-got Patric Kuh to sign my book
-walked out to the bus stop in an excellent mood

*Got stung by a bee for the first time, on my right pointer finger while I was sitting out waiting for the bus.*
I felt something fall on my head and, thinking it was a little tree-bit as so often happens, reached up and picked it off. Once it was in my fingers, I became instinctively aware that this was not a bit of vegetation, and, flinging it away, I felt a sharp, acute pain near my finger joint. I looked down, saw the stinger protruding from my finger — did you know bee stingers are a heck of a lot bigger than the size of the bee would suggest? — freaked out and plucked madly at it in a panic. After a couple of tries it came out, and I flung it away to join its onetime body on the concrete. Unbelievable how something so tiny could cause so much pain. The bus came, and I got on, still somewhat in shock. Made it home, iced the sting, and it’s now swollen but more or less usable.

-directed Erik in how to make white chocolate brownies
-had dinner with friends
-enjoyed luscious seared scallops with onion sprouts and orange sauce
-guzzled obscene amounts of cheese fondue
-discovered white chocolate brownies are quite tasty
-talked to Jennifer on the phone
-returned home, slept.

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