Food writing and eating, and a bee

Yesterday I:
-went to an all-day food writing workshop
-listened to an inspiring talk by the co-owner of Urth Caffe
-experienced a coffee tasting, during which I tasted some really smooth coffee
-bought proper shoes for the first time in ages
-had pizza for lunch
-had a walk
-got Patric Kuh to sign my book
-walked out to the bus stop in an excellent mood

*Got stung by a bee for the first time, on my right pointer finger while I was sitting out waiting for the bus.*
I felt something fall on my head and, thinking it was a little tree-bit as so often happens, reached up and picked it off. Once it was in my fingers, I became instinctively aware that this was not a bit of vegetation, and, flinging it away, I felt a sharp, acute pain near my finger joint. I looked down, saw the stinger protruding from my finger — did you know bee stingers are a heck of a lot bigger than the size of the bee would suggest? — freaked out and plucked madly at it in a panic. After a couple of tries it came out, and I flung it away to join its onetime body on the concrete. Unbelievable how something so tiny could cause so much pain. The bus came, and I got on, still somewhat in shock. Made it home, iced the sting, and it’s now swollen but more or less usable.

-directed Erik in how to make white chocolate brownies
-had dinner with friends
-enjoyed luscious seared scallops with onion sprouts and orange sauce
-guzzled obscene amounts of cheese fondue
-discovered white chocolate brownies are quite tasty
-talked to Jennifer on the phone
-returned home, slept.

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4 responses to “Food writing and eating, and a bee

  1. white chocolate brownies!

    Those sound good. I had chicken enchiladas for dinner and a little bit of ice cream for dessert. I biked for half an hour too. That’s not nearly enough but I guess if I do it every day it will help.

    How’s your finger? I hope it’s feeling better by now. Good luck with all your work and class! It sounds like you have a full schedule now. Glad you have these concise entries though. It’s good to know what’s going on in your life! :]


    • Re: white chocolate brownies!

      I’m glad someone is still reading, anyway! 😉

      I will have to make the brownies for you sometime — they’re really odd, but very satisfying. As Stale pointed out, they’re really more like “whities” than brownies, because there’s no cocoa powder and the only chocolate is some chocolate chips you stir in. Otherwise the flavor comes from a mix of melted white chocolate (which you put in with all the other wet ingredients) and white chocolate chips, which makes the texture very moist and dense, almost like fudge. We had many leftovers but Ying took them all. 🙂

      The finger’s feeling a lot better, but now it’s weirdly itchy because of the swelling. Fortunately I can type and write. 🙂

      Btw, did you know Zappos’s free shipping is now free OVERNIGHT shipping??????


  2. sorry to hear about the sting! I suppose the consequences are more severe for the bee, but still unpleasant for the person. I got stung at music camp once in HS…my hand swelled up so much I could feel the skin stretching whenever I grasped my oboe.

    And the itch!! The insane itch!!! The only thing that worked was to run extremely hot water on it from the faucet. It got rid of the itch for hours at a time :0)


    • YES it is ITCHY!!!!!! I didn’t realize that was a normal consequence! Luckily the itch is much better today, though I still rub and rub whenever I happen to touch an itchy spot.

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