“Good morning–” “You jerk!”

Okay, poll time!

Girls, how many of you who are (or have been) in a happy, well-balanced relationship have dreamed about your boyfriends/husbands being mean to you or hurting you in some way? Leave a comment and tell me yes or no, and if yes, how he treated you in the dream.

Guys, if your current or former girlfriends or wives have ever told you about similar dreams, feel free to weigh in too.

I’ll explain: I feel about as non-threatened by Erik as any woman can feel about any man who’s older/taller/stronger than she is. But whenever he shows up in my dreams, probably 90% of the time, he’s doing something unkind to me or just outright betraying me. I don’t think I have deep subconscious fears of Erik’s manly strength, or anxiety about him leaving me or cheating on me, so I don’t know where these dreams come from.

Last night, I was talking with Ying and Joni and I found out they have ALSO had these dreams about Ståle and Ed, and they’re all in happy relationships too. So what’s going on?

Who else has shared in this experience?

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]


6 responses to ““Good morning–” “You jerk!”

  1. I have dreams about Gregory cheating on me, which is never a worry in my waking life, but whenever I have one of these dreams, I wonder if I am actually really insecure. :\

    • I’ve only heard about one guy having this sort of dream about his female partner. I wonder whether this says something about how women feel about their position in a relationship… regardless of the actual individuals involved? Maybe we’re just used to being anxious about our status? Well, it’s non-proveable, but when I hear about so many women having these sorts of dreams… 😐

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