Pics from Cindy and Chris’s wedding

It has been a long day and a long week, and I have to report downtown for jury duty tomorrow morning at 7:30. I might be there all day, because we are going to the opera at 7:30 pm (Porgy and Bess!), so if we get out late there won’t be any point to Metro-ing back home just to come back out again. SO… I’m not uploading a DDP today. I’ve been drawing, since my next short story for my creative writing class will be a comic, but I haven’t created anything that’s finished. I’m happy though. I feel very creative today.

I don’t have a drawing for you, but I have sooooo many photos you won’t even want to look at them all.

First, if you like my family, or even if you just like cats, I’ve uploaded an album of my family photos from this past weekend. There are random pics I snapped while moving about the house, tons of pictures of our cat, Tibby, and a few of Erik’s brother’s child, Alexander. My new camera has a swiveling LCD display, so the subject can see himself when you photograph him. This is what Alexander looked like when he realized this: [the original link is broken, so I’m no longer sure of the exact photo I meant, but here’s a possibility:]

Click on Alexander to go to the whole family album! [link removed]

Also, I have uploaded the many many photos (160!) from Cindy and Chris’s wedding, including the photos from the pre-party at the Duke of Edinburgh pub. Clicking on any of the photos below will take you to the album. There are many photos, including some gems like these:

Enough! Enjoy! And wish me luck at jury duty, to which I will go in seven hours. ;b

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