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Instincts = dead
This guy came up to me today on campus:

Walking by moonlight
Tonight Erik and I went on a Full Moon Hike, run by TreePeople, a thirty-year-old local nonprofit that plants trees and educates people about the environment. The hike was pleasant, not too strenuous, and many people brought their preschoolers or dogs along for the walk. The moon was certainly lovely.

We hiked in Coldwater Canyon Park, up in the hills (zip code 90210, crazily enough). We were told to bring flashlights but we never needed them. At some points along the trail we could see the full moon on our left, and a broad vista of city lights on our right, keeping everything just slightly illuminated.

Before and after the hike we enjoyed live music from Shane Alexander, an LA artist who is going on tour with Seal in a couple of weeks. He has a nice voice. We also learned afterward that his partner (wife? girlfriend?) and baby girl were there, and it was their daughter’s first concert. Very cute.

While he sang, I drew my tenth DDP:

Afterward, he signed it for me.

Nice finish to a long day.

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