Good day

Porgy and Bess was excellent and put me through the emotional wringer. I have a cold, so I was sniffling already, and then it made me cry so that made it worse. I was a mess, but I enjoyed it. It was opening night! I didn’t even realize. And I got to see Margaret, and then afterward Jason and Erik and I went to Mel’s and had soup and pancakes and pie and cheesecake and more pie.

Jury duty wasn’t so bad. I didn’t actually have to serve, but I did have to stay until 3:30. I read The New Yorker (the 4/30 issue is really good), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, short stories for 200D, worked on my story/comic for that class, and drew a lot. I’ll upload the DDP tomorrow. I also got to have Daikokuya ramen for lunch. And one of my fellow jurors was the voice coach for this show, which was kind of cool.

And it’s Friday, and we are doing things with friends tomorrow, and Sunday is our anniversary.

And now I get to go to bed!!!

Good day.

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