I had an Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s today

I met my literacy student today. She is 32 and has four kids, wow (and the youngest is six years old!)! At last week’s training session the program coordinators told us our students would be conversant in English, even if it was not their first language, but Maria’s English seems to be quite limited. After half an hour of thinking and speaking in both English and Spanish I was totally drained, and this was just a meet-and-greet, not the hour-and-a-half serious teaching sessions I’ll be having twice a week starting next Tuesday. Oy. On the plus side, though, Maria has a high school education in Spanish, so it shouldn’t be as challenging to teach her as it would someone who was completely illiterate in any language. I hope I hope!

I’ve discovered that the Mayo Clinic has very sensible weight-control guidelines. I’ve been counting calories for a month now, but I’m still eating a lot of fatty, salty, sugary foods — just in moderation. Mayo Clinic suggests not only monitoring portions and caloric intake, but also following a pyramid that places sweets at the top (75 calories a day maximum) and fruits and vegetables at the bottom (unlimited). This makes a lot more sense than just blindly counting calories, since a very unhealthy diet can still be low-calorie as long as one eats small portions. Now that I’ve been calorie-crunching and learning to eyeball portion size, I’m in a position to start trying to follow the pyramid as well. This will be difficult, but will probably help me lose more weight and be healthier in the long run! Oh, and that giant ice cream I had today? Well, the pyramid does allow for 1-2 servings of fats per day, and I’ve eaten very healthily the rest of today… but I guess it’s still a splurge. Sigh.

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