Launch of a new personal project

I was up till five this morning finishing my first story for my creative writing class. I am very pleased with it, though.

Before Pilates today I was the walking dead. Now I’m merely tired.

I’ve uploaded the remaining pictures from our San Diego visit, and also some photos from our Saturday night gathering. Yay for having a camera again!

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6 responses to “Launch of a new personal project

    • Re: are the dual evils

      Hee. I think they are evil eggs. I did have that thought, while I was drawing them, that they looked like eggs.

      I did a rough sketch concept of this drawing before the finished version, and in that sketch the dual evils were demons, and the DDP that was going to save the day was actually a kitty with a cape. 🙂 But I decided I didn’t really want to get into all that, so I simplified it.

  1. eee! you’re pictures are so great! I especially like your San Diego pictures. You look so healthy and happy in the fresh air. It makes me want to visit San Diego.

    I think the little evil balls remind me of the little fungus creatures in the athlete’s foot commercials, except cuter. Did you know that there is a fungus that is actually called malazessia furfur? It lives on people’s bodies. I like the last part of the name, furfur. It makes it sound cute even though ironically it is a fungus, which is the furthest thing from cute.

    On a side note, they also kind of remind me of the bouncing balls in the Zoloft commercials except mean…I guess that’s what happens to those balls when Zoloft doesn’t work. They should go work for Zoloft’s competitors and start an ad campaign…”when Zoloft doesn’t work”.

    Love and HUGS Margaret

    • It really was a lovely walk we had in San Diego. There’s something about the beach landscape there that is extremely photogenic, even more than most beaches!

      Malazessia Furfur sounds like one of those names you get when people send you spam emails. “En1arge y0ur parts! – from Malazessia Furfur” I wonder where the name came from?

      Oh I really like those Zoloft balls! They’re super cute.

      HUGS 😀 😀 😀

  2. what a fun drawing. i know so many things are just “ten minutes a day” but you’d be amazed at what you could produce in `10 minutes a day! see you soon!!! 🙂 – alison

    • That’s the idea! 🙂 I’ve started stretching for a few minutes every morning when I wake up and already that makes a big difference in how I feel — let’s hope this project will transfer into creative muscle!

      Can’t wait to see you!

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