Bipolar evening

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6 responses to “Bipolar evening

  1. i love these ddps!!! awesome idea for consistency! : ) i showed them to my friend, and he loves them too!

    btw, is may 4th still a good time to get together? after 2:30 perhaps?


    • Hi Stacey! I’m excited that you and your friend like the DDPs. 🙂 I like them too. It’s amazing how easily creative work happens when I just sit down to do it. ;b

      May 4th is great. Do you want to say 2:30, or maybe 3? And did you say Northern Lights?

    • Re: from nates

      Thank you very, very much. 🙂 To you I sing my happy song: Yay yay, yay yay yay!

      I love your drawings too. How are you going about getting into comics? I want to write a graphic novel, so getting together this drawing-every-day routine thing is a first step.

    • Thank you! They made me smile too, because until I started drawing them I was totally feeling like that first “tired” portrait. Then as soon as I did the little dances in my head, I felt like dancing.

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