Another squeaky Lyapa video

Okay, I started reading my camera’s manual, and I’ve learned I can take longer videos using the “compact” format. Here’s a better one of Lyapa really letting loose with her grievances:

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at The original video link was broken, so I’m not sure exactly which of two videos I meant. I’ve embedded them both.]


6 responses to “Another squeaky Lyapa video

    • Lyapa gets very inquisitive too, when she hears other cats on the screen — but oddly enough, hearing herself produced no reaction!

      Your kitties are very sweet-looking. 🙂 I’ve seen their photos on your and Gregory’s journals!

      • I enjoyed watching this clip thoroughly. It sounds like Lyapa is carrying on a conversation with someone.


        • I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think she was telling me all her grievances. 🙂 She repeated them today even more loudly. ;b Pasha really terrorized her and Tisha (and Erik) this morning!

  1. Lyapa

    I think she is really telling you that she is tired of this camera following her around. She is freaked out about it and she is starting to have bad dreams! Lyapa is sooo cute, I love her squeaks!


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