Hungry sick girl makes a list

List of Things To Eat in the LA Area That I Love So Much, I Could Eat Them Every Day and Still Long for More
… just because I felt like making this, suddenly.
In no order except what’s on my mind at this moment.

1. the gloriously cheesy macaroni and cheese at Cheebo, which has all the flavor punch of Kraft mac from a box, without being fake
(seconded, thirded, and fourthed by Erik, Dana, and Jason)
(dine-in is better, but I won’t say no to takeout)
2. dinner at Torafuku, especially anything with the delicious free-range eggs they use (seconded by Erik)
3. Mashti Malone‘s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream (seconded by Jason)
4. cheap tasty lunch at El Chile: fish tacos, the “fish fillet breaded” plate, or their vegetarian breakfast burrito
5. poppy seed rolls from Tbilisi and Yerevan Bakery, or Stolichnaya Bakery if and only if they’ve just been baked
6. the ultimate comfort food, ramen or rice plates from Daikokuya (seconded and thirded by Ying and Erik)
7. any sorbet from Scoops
8. the fish wrap, pad see ew, rad na, crispy chicken, or pancakes from California Vegan (seconded, thirded, and fourthed by Ying, Jackie, and Erik)
9. the Beacon roll at Beacon
10. cheese and onion or broccoli empanadas, or alfajores, at Empanada’s Place (seconded by Ying)
11. the luscious smoked sturgeon they sell at Greenblatt’s
12. fish dumplings at Din Tai Fung
13. dinner at Mei Long Village, especially their scrambled eggs with tomato, or any fish dish with brown sauce (agreement from Erik, Ying, and Stale)
14. Caesar salad with crabmeat from Alcove (seconded by Ying) (I have indeed eaten this salad several days in a row, before)
15. shrimp tempura plate from Hurry Curry (another one I’ve eaten days in a row before… this one I will eat every day even if I can’t stand it anymore; it just calls me so persuasively)
16. crab omelet ramen at Eboshi Noodle Bar
17. hot creamy polenta for breakfast at Doughboys, where they serve it with figs, dates, toasted pine nuts, and honey, in a bowl big enough to serve a crowd
18. the adorable plain baby mochi at Fugetsu-Do, but only when fresh
19. toasted pecan milkshake at Lucky Devils, which is about the only thing I really love there (since I don’t eat burgers)
20. crab pad thai or crab fried rice at Red Corner Asia, which are both so good I can never bring myself to try anything new there
21. the moqueca de peixe (fish stew) at Tropicalia
22. the addictively sweet cherry rice pilaf at Shamshiri Grill
23. dinner at China Islamic
24. the creamy coleslaw at Les Sisters Southern Kitchen

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8 responses to “Hungry sick girl makes a list

  1. sorry you feel lousy…I’d spoon feed you sweet mung bean soup if I could! When you get better, perhaps we could sample your FAVORITE item on the list, O thou all-knowing LA foodie.


    • Aww thank you Bright. 🙂 I’m feeling a lot better today, though still not entirely back to my usual self. I’d love to try your sweet mung bean soup though! Let’s definitely go find something fabulous to try!

    • Yay lists abound! When I went to Shamshiri Grill, I went with a group of friends, and not everyone loved what they had. Several people ordered the restaurant’s special meat (lamb?) “cake” entree, but that was a disappointment. I ordered fish kebabs and completely loved them, as well as my pilaf.

  2. Funny timing

    Devin’s parents are going down to your neck of the woods to visit Malia sometime soon, and last time I saw them, they were trying to figure out what good places to go eat! Is it okay if Devin sends his mom this list? We think it is very good. PLUS, I have to say that every now and then I get these huge cravings for Hurry Curry. I miss it!! It’s a brilliant idea and I really (REALLY) wish Davis had something like that.

    … I’m hungry. :[


    • Re: Funny timing

      Hee. Of course you may send them this list! I have many other recommendations, since not every restaurant I like has something I’d want to eat EVERY day.

      I’m so glad you crave Hurry Curry. Hehe. It’s so very craveable… God knows what they put in their sauce.


  3. hey, from your comment on typefiend’s journal I read your “field is food history”.. that’s enough to want to add you right off the bat.. but then it seems we would have other things in common, like art, and urban life, and so on. I am a historian too (I assume from your AHA picture) but don’t let that deter you from being my lj friend! If you feel like it, that is.

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