News of the day

I am sick, Erik is sick, Jackie is sick, and Shra is sick. Lots of sniffles and sore throats all around, though I must say it’s nice to have people to commiserate with. But really, the staying-home-sick has not been all that fun this time. I’m too sniffy to sleep and too headachy to do work, so I’ve just been playing sudoku and reading Ugly Betty recaps… not the most invigorating day. Plus I still have my appetite, so I have to rootle around the kitchen looking for yummy things that aren’t too taxing to cook. Bah.

In different news, though, Erik’s employers got a mention on SFGate! They’ve compared Fortify’s RSA Conference booth to Borat — “performance art”, they said. Pretty cool, especially since it seems like the marketing people executed their idea a lot better than it sounded when Erik first explained it to me. Yay creativity!

… time to go look for some comfort food for dinner.

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