News of the day

I am sick, Erik is sick, Jackie is sick, and Shra is sick. Lots of sniffles and sore throats all around, though I must say it’s nice to have people to commiserate with. But really, the staying-home-sick has not been all that fun this time. I’m too sniffy to sleep and too headachy to do work, so I’ve just been playing sudoku and reading Ugly Betty recaps… not the most invigorating day. Plus I still have my appetite, so I have to rootle around the kitchen looking for yummy things that aren’t too taxing to cook. Bah.

In different news, though, Erik’s employers got a mention on SFGate! They’ve compared Fortify’s RSA Conference booth to Borat — “performance art”, they said. Pretty cool, especially since it seems like the marketing people executed their idea a lot better than it sounded when Erik first explained it to me. Yay creativity!

… time to go look for some comfort food for dinner.

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6 responses to “News of the day

  1. haha

    I was so confused when you said that it was compared to Borat. I wasn’t sure that was a compliment at first. Heh.

    Fortify’s website looks WAY nice now. Before it was kind of boring. =P Well when I say before I probably mean several years ago. But yeah. that’s so cool. :]

    Feel better! I was totally looking for stuff to eat this morning while I was studying. Nothing! I think I ended up eating leftover dinner, raisins, and cereal. Not together though, luckily. Especially since leftover dinner was beef sukiyaki. :]


    • Re: haha

      Fortify’s site is nice, isn’t it? They’ve called in some really good people to design all their visual stuff, including the little buttons on their program. ;b Remember Erik’s awesome business card? The website mirrors certain design elements from the card.

      I hope you are feeling better. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sukiyaki is good anytime!!

  2. oh lisa! i hope you feel better soon! see? i knew something was going around, it must be this weirdo weather.


    • Hi Margaret! You’re the doctor, you called it! ๐Ÿ™‚ The weather is seriously hard to predict… what, we went from raincoats to tank tops within a week, something like that? In a couple of weeks Jackie and I are taking a weekend trip to Chicago and there we will face really COLD weather! Yikes! (Oh oh do you want to come, visit your sister? :D)


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