Of soup and scribblings

It’s been a long day and I am so tired. But it’s not been a bad day, and Erik and I finished it up at Greenblatt’s where he had an enormous plate of brisket and noodles and I had the best cream of broccoli soup ever. I think it was made of pure cream and egg yolks, but it was soooo delicious and just what I needed.

I had my first day of Writing and Illustrating Picture Books today and it was fun. I love the teacher and I enjoyed our in-class assignment of drawing ourselves as an animal. We also had to put down what makes our animal selves grumpy or happy. I drew a cat, of course, and a range of emotions: crab and ice cream makes me happy, the sound of dropped things makes me angry and alarmed, heavy boots within tail-shot makes me scared, and the smell of cut onions makes me curious (unless I sniff too closely; then it makes me angry and alarmed). I am too sleepy to scan in and upload the photo now but I’ll do so later.

Still wishing I had more of that broccoli soup, even though I know it was probably a heart attack in a bowl.

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