Maybe I should change my name to Winnie

Anyone remember how, back in December, I thought I should buy a lottery ticket because I kept winning all these different prize drawings?

I never did buy that ticket, but maybe I should have — or still should — because I have just received this letter:

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a winner in the “Beauty Boost Giveaway Sweepstakes” sponsored by Real Simple Magazine!

Your prize is a collection of beauty products [consists of: Crest Whitestrips Premium Plus (ARV*: $40); Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Masque (ARV: $70); Clairol Natural Instincts Shine Happy (ARV: $8); Creative Nail Design Nail Buffer (ARV: $6) and Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Recovery Cream (ARV: $20).].

This prize will be sent to you at the address given above in 4 to 8 weeks unless we hear from you…

Woah!!! I’m starting to feel really disturbed at all these things I’m winning. If there is such a thing as karma, there are going to be very bad things happening to me soon to cancel out all these prizes.

Is anyone interested in having the Clairol shine product or the nail buffer? Or, possibly, the Whitestrips (not sure yet whether I’ll want to use them — the regular Whitestrips make my gums sensitive). If so, call dibs!

Oh, and to enter Real Simple‘s sweepstakes for this month, which carries a much posher prize of a $1,000 spa gift certificate, go here. [link broken]

*I believe ARV stands for “approximate retail value,” which in the case of the Orlane masque is $20 lower than what it’s going for at Neiman Marcus’s website.

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7 responses to “Maybe I should change my name to Winnie

  1. dibs!

    At the risk of losing all my manliness points, I’ll call dibs on the crest whitestripes. I offer to treat you to a rousing lunch of your choice.


    • Re: dibs!

      of course that is only if you don’t want em. and let’s get together sometime soon in any case, i need me some lisatime.

  2. ?

    I’m not really sure what the Clairol shine is or how to buff nails. I’m an engineer for goodness sake! Haha. so no calling dibs for me.

    Congrats for winning! You’re right. you DO have good luck. I haven’t done anything except 3 midterms next week and not enough time to study (my fault, as usual). Enjoy and go buy a lottery ticket. It’s so not fair. ;]


    • Re: ?

      Hee, I didn’t know what those things were either. But now since I’ve been sick, I’ve been catching up on my magazine-reading (huge piles of back issues I never had the chance to read earlier), and I discovered Real Simple actually had an article in January about all the products in this prize pack. In fact, their issue’s theme is what you can get done in 15 minutes, and they tell you how to do a little beauty routine using all these products, that only takes 15 minutes. Crazy! I still don’t know if I’ll use the Clairol shine thing, but now I might use the nail buffer. ;b

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