Twelve! Demons!

Inspired by Lynda Barry’s excellent One! Hundred! Demons!, I have begun my own dialogue with my demons. This is something I’ve been doing in my sketchbook for a week or two now, but this evening marks my first attempt to actually draw out my demons as creatures. They’re kind of cool-looking little buggers, but I have to say I do feel there is something kind of scary about them all. And I don’t care whether anyone else thinks so; they’re my personal demons, after all.

2006 Dec 4 - Demons

I don’t know what the other ones are, but the snakey green one is graduate school.

I’m not the only one who’s been bitten by the creative bug (demon?) lately. Have a listen to the beautiful short piece Erik wrote for his orchestration class: here.

I must be busy, because look how much I’m procrastinating! I’ve fixed up the drawings from Thanksgiving, including another one I didn’t upload that weekend. Enjoy! [see link for the first two drawings]

2006 Nov - Thanksgiving 3 - text1

**edit the second**
Okay, the procrastination continues. Writing to a friend has made me think back on previous years, so I’ve decided to run through my journal archives to see what I was up to around 4 December in the past. This is very interesting:

In 2001 (my first year of keeping this journal), I was preparing to give up meat, which I have kept up, with occasional lapses and a lot more fish than I originally intended. (This was on 6 December.)

In 2002 I was apparently very busy, because my journal has no entries from 29 November until 12 December, which is one of the longest gaps in writing during that entire year.

In 2003, Erik and I had just visited the San Jose Library for the first time, and were blown away by its ginormousness. Erik has since been back several times, and I’ve been back once or twice. We still like it.

In 2004, 3 December set at least two precedents for me: I made my first trip ever to Little Tokyo, and it was also my first trip ever on Metro Rail. Little Tokyo is now one of my favorite places in LA, and I take the train whenever I can. I have not acted on my idea to make Fridays an exploration day, though; Fridays are now shopping and lunching day for Ying, Jackie and me, which is less soul-enriching than wallet-lightening and waistline-expanding (but also happyness-creating).

Last year, on 6 December, I was still dancing, which now feels really far-away to me, and I had also received my first Christmas gift of the season, which holiday also feels very far-off to me this year.

Interesting to track the changes in one’s life.

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One response to “Twelve! Demons!

  1. Wow I was unaware you gave up meat! Good for you, girl. I should give up red meat (but just red meat….chicken…turkey…ostrich….pork…mmmmmmmmmm…..)

    Your art is so CUTE! you need to keep doing it! Also, I think you’d be a PHENOMENAL digital artist. you should get a cheap little tablet ($50-100) and start practicing. I can help you get software basics, plus your tablet will come with some useful software too 🙂

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