I forgot to mention over the weekend that on Saturday, Erik and I went to visit the new San Jose main library. We’d heard a lot of fantastic things about it, but this was our first time going. The library holdings have been expanded, since the library now contains both San Jose public library materials and San Jose State university library materials, and the website calls the library the “largest, all-new library west of the Mississippi.” I’m unsure whether that means (largest)(all-new)(library) or largest (all-new library), but either way, it is truly an impressive structure.

The library stands eight stories and has an expansive face on the corner of two streets. The lobby has a cafe. There are two escalators and several elevators, the bathrooms have sensors (yay!), and there is tons of comfy seating all over the place. Especially nice are the cushy chairs placed in corners, because most of the corners have windows, so you can sit in these little nooks and read or just look at the view. Erik loved the music section (tons of CDs, and the Beethoven Research Center, which was not open when we went 😦 ), I loved the cookbook section, and we both enjoyed the sixth floor, which is practically all periodicals. Floor plans are available here.

The new library seems like a great resource. I’m really excited about it and Erik and I plan to go back soon. Anyone in the San Jose area should definitely go check it out, and even anyone in the Bay Area should think about making a trip there. It’s comfortable, it has all the reading and listening and viewing material you could ever want to spend a day with, and the mix of families and serious students is a pleasant one. Go!

Non sequitur: I just got a spam email with subject line: “Scandle of the century!” Scandle, eh. Sounds like a candle meets a sandal. Highly flammable, surely.

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