Art and music

Do I condemn myself for not getting enough work done today (I did work, for at least four hours I know for sure)? Or do I celebrate the pleasures of a lovely evening?

Recipe for a happy body: Pilates, shower, L’Occitane foot cream, silk cami* and cashmere-soft Michelle Mason foldover gauchos.

Australian radio station ABC’s wonderful Top 100 Opera Moments programs are free for download online. I’ve been absolutely luxuriating in gorgeous opera all evening. Personal favorites: #53, “Ruhe sanft” from Mozart’s Zaide, and #5, “Dido’s Lament” from Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. Complete and utterly beautiful, both. I may possibly adore the Purcell more.

I devoted a couple of hours to pencil-sketching figures, along the lines of my last-week’s picture-book homework, below (“Draw a figure from the front and back”):

Oct 2006 - Frontback

The living room smells of fresh air and Vie Luxe candle* in Capri, a fragrance I have grown to like more and more in the months since I bought it. The candle is another point for Sight, too, with its flickering shadows.

Official new fall favorite: persimmon frangipane tart, which I first baked last year around this time.

2006 Oct - Persimmontart

I’ve spent this evening bathing in beauty with all my senses. Yesterday evening was similarly spent wandering LACMA, enjoying free jazz, contemporary photo essays, and early-twentieth-century Japanese woodblock prints (I really, really want to buy one off Ebay, but I’ll have to save up first).

I like these sensory-bliss evenings.

*Bought on sale, so don’t flip at the price!

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at I did eventually buy a Japanese woodblock print off Ebay, but I think it was one of the items stolen when my storage unit was burglarized.]


2 responses to “Art and music

  1. Do you have a recipe for you persimmon frangipane tart? My mom has been drying persimmon at home lately…and I think she may like to give a tart a try since she loves persimmon so much (which is precisely the reason why she goes through the trouble of drying it herself…so that she will have a supply of it when it goes out of season. Yet her dried persimmons don’t usually make it pass a few days since she would sample them as she’s drying them…and then they would be gone before the drying process is complete. =D)

    • Oh, I’m so glad you asked, Joyce, because other people wanted the recipe too and I had totally forgotten to type it up. I’ve uploaded it as a Word document — download it here.

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