A trio of Ds: disturbing, disgusting, depressing

I wasn’t going to post another list of links so soon, but all three of these really begged sharing.

A Connoisseur’s Guide to Bottled Water
I can’t believe someone has written this book, but someone has. Michael Mascha’s Fine Waters “introduces readers to the epicurean delights of water”… which includes sharing “recommended food pairings, stemware suggestions, and optimum serving temperatures.” I can appreciate Evian over tap water as well as anyone with a reasonably sensitive palate, but I had hoped foodielitism would never come to this.

From the Daily Mail of London, this headline: “Children Aghast as Pelican Swallows Pigeon Whole.” There’s also a photograph. ‘Nuff said. [link broken, alas. Or not-alas.]

Heartbreaking portraits of life with Alzheimer’s
American artist William Utermohlen began chronicling his descent into Alzheimer’s in 1995, upon learning that he had the disease. His self-portraits are being exhibited in New York starting tomorrow; some of them are available to view in this NYT article. The pre-Alzheimer’s portrait displayed in the article is sharp and clear; the subsequent ones grow progressively more heart-wrenching.

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