Photos from Race for the Rescue

Today, Jackie, Margaret, and I went to Pasadena to Race for the Rescues, a 5K run/walk to benefit pet organizations. I’ve always been saddened by the number of pets out in the world who need loving homes, so it felt right to take this morning to do something positive for them. This race was nice because the entirety of our registration fees went to the organizations — thanks to all the volunteers who gave their time — and I donated a little besides. And so did Shra, who is awesome! (Shra, I was wishing you could have been there; you would have loved it.)

We had a great time at the race, and saw and petted many wonderful animals.


Check out the entire album of photos here.

Afterward, we had lunch in Old Town Pasadena and braved the crowds at the new H&M. We also found out too late that metered parking is not free on Sundays in Pasadena, so I’ll be sending $36 to the city soon. Sigh.

Good day, though.

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