Link and pictor time!

In this great video, a professor at Nanyang Tech in Singapore reads aloud comments from past student evaluations. Consensus: The moustachioed bald engineering professor is hot (and talks too fast).*

New favorite edibles from today’s farmers’ market: pumpkin bread from LA Bread, and the sublime Asian Pear Cinnamon Jam from Ha’s Apple Farm. I can’t wait to try the two together.

I sent away to Sam at Explodingdog for a drawing by mail, and he sent me one! Go here; it’s the fourth drawing from the top, “Test the sweets of the life yourself.”

This product looks like it might finally provide a good way to brown-bag a salad for lunch.

More homework from my picture-book class! Last week after class I sat in the library and wrote an entry about it, but had to leave before I could finish it. It’s now finished and posted.

Here’s a sketch I made during the evening, illustrating a line from a beautiful 1920s French poem:

In-class Fargue sketch

And here’s the homework I did for that day. The assignment was to sketch some scenes from our childhood, particularly scenes from school. You’ll need to click and enlarge the photo.

Homework - Scenes from Second Grade

Last night I attended the Historic Dance Ball on campus with Bright and her boyfriend Mauricio.

[image removed]

It was so much fun. We learned to foxtrot, turkey trot, “animal” dance, and tango. At first, as there were more girls than guys, I was forced to endure the confusion of alternating between male and female roles with various female partners. (Result: I can’t remember how to do the first few dances in either role.) But by the end, as people withdrew laughing and breathless to the sidelines, the numbers evened out, and I got to tango with some lovely (male!) partners.

My feet feel the desire to dance still; I am reminded of my freshman Latin American Music class and the vow I made at the time that I would someday learn to tango properly. Bright, you and I will have to go and get some good dancing heels!

Photos of the ladies:

[image removed]
I rather like how this one turned out.

And me, in a dress I bought yesterday morning from the Vintage Fashion Expo.

Needless to say Erik didn’t go. Sigh — but we’ll make a dancer of him yet. I hope.

I had a funny thought before the ball. There I was, on my way to a fancy-dress ball, made up and high-heeled, wearing a gorgeous black beaded 1920s cocktail dress, driving a minivan, running late but forced to drive slowly because my dinner was sitting next to me on the seat — Chinese vermicelli with Napa cabbage and dried shrimp — and I would take big slurps of it at every red light. I thought: what a mishmash. Welcome to my life.

*From the comments on Youtube I believe this is the professor.

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