Happy Labor Day weekend!

I just added a transcription to my recent audiopost, though I assure you that with this one it’s better to just give it a listen.

I have a nice update coming up hopefully later this weekend: I’ve finally made what I consider the definitive album of our shindig photos — nearly four months after the fact — and will give you the link for this as soon as I’ve written up the journal entry to go with it. I was so busy before we got married that I didn’t have time to write much about it, and afterward we were so relieved to be done with all the stressing and planning that I never got around to writing a recap. So now that I’m finally getting around to posting photos, I do think I owe us all a little more commentary on how it all went. So that will be upcoming.

There’s other stuff I have to say, too, but it too will keep.

For now, for those of you who have yet to see our kitties in action, some videos!

Here is our dear girl, Lyapa, trying her best to show Erik some love while he holds the camera over her head:

Jennifer and Menzies gifted Lyapa a little red mousie during their recent visit (which I also wanted to write about at some point), and she is so in love with it. Usually both our cats get tired of toys after a while, but she’s always good for a session with the mouse.

And now one with sound! Shra and Devin took this one last time they visited, to showcase Lyapa’s unique squeaky-toy vocalisations. Don’t worry, it starts out dark but it gets better. 


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