I got a free sausage today!

Now I know one reason why people love upscale local markets like Bristol Farms, even though they’re more expensive: they treat you nice!

Erik and I took a walk out to Whole Foods this evening in search of fish, wonton wraps, and quarters. We found the fish (fresh wild-caught halibut), but not the other two (fresh tortillas and Mexican cheeses yes, wonton wraps no), so we stopped at Bristol Farms on our way back. No wraps there either, only a few packages of tofu, but I wandered over to the fish counter with intent to comparison-shop. Instead I spied some lovely fat sausages, salmon chorizo and whitefish Thai. I asked the friendly counter man whether the whitefish sausage was spicy, because I wouldn’t be able to eat it if it were very spicy. He didn’t know because he’d only tried the chorizo. So what did he do?


He wrapped up a whole sausage for me and presented it to me free of charge, telling me to take it home and give it a try. Wow!

“Come back and let me know how it is,” he added. I thanked him, and Erik and I left, completely forgetting to ask the cashier for quarters.

As soon as we got home, I fried up the sausage. Here it is in the pan.


It was moist and flavorful, and only a tiny bit spicy. It tasted like fish, but was substantial like a meat sausage. We enjoyed it.

Soon I’ll have to return to Bristol Farms to thank Glenn and tell him what a yummy sausage it was. Then I will buy some more, even at $7.99 a pound.

Whitefish sausage!

By the way, since you already know what I bought at Whole Foods, I thought I’d show you what I made for dinner.


It’s an avocado salad (avocado, Parmesan, diced tomato, and lettuce with a balsamic-olive oil dressing), and linguine topped with chunks of halibut sautéed with garlic and oregano.



It was good.

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