Afternoon light

Time for some gratuitous kitty-pictors!

Lyapa looking at her shadow.

Lyapa looking a little crazed.

Lyapa looking quite crazed.

Her toes look funny.

Tisha’s so alarmed all his whiskers are poking out.

He is not amused.


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2 responses to “Afternoon light

  1. aww!

    Those are such cute kitty pictors!! I miss my kitties. They have been staying home with the rest of our family since I last went home. Can’t have kitties trying to run around while Devin and I are moving things out of the apartment. And I’m so sorry you had to move your stuff by yourself. I don’t know what I would do without Devin to help me move. We finished our second day of moving today and we are so pooped. =P Still have more to do tomorrow. But I hope you and Erik are both doing well. :] Come visit us soon!


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