Wasting Time on Wednesday

A Game for Serious Time-Wasters
For the past few days I’ve been hooked on this Japanese-language point-and-click game, Cageling. You know those games where you’re trapped in a room and you have to find objects and solve puzzles to escape? Cageling is like a much, much more elaborate version of those: you’re in a house that has four floors, there are so many hints and puzzles you have to write things down to keep everything straight, and you can die if you make a wrong move (though this seems to be fairly hard to do). And it’s all in Japanese. Nevertheless, it’s a beautifully imagined game and it’s just challenging enough — if you keep this detailed walkthrough [link broken] open in another window while you play — to be interesting, without being so hard that you want to tear your hair out. And since you can save your game, you don’t have to play it all in one sitting like MOTAS!

Light Reading for Light Time-Wasters
Blogger has proved inspiring for two of us sisters: Shra has started a multi-contributor blog for cat lovers, Cats in Strange Places, documenting the odd places in which we find our kitties. Let me know if you want to join as a contributor!

And I have started the Sunrise Photo Project [now defunct], based on an idea I had last month while driving up I-5 with Erik. I’ve always loved sunsets, but there’s something extra-special about sunrises: the dawn of a new day, the symbol of new beginnings, the reward for having to get up really really early. I’d always wanted to get up early enough to watch the sun rise, but for obvious reasons I never managed to do it (until recently). It occurred to me that there must be others out there who also would like to watch the sun rise at least once, so if we pool our collective willpower and digital photography power, we ought to be able to “view” the sunrise every morning, in a different part of the world. Every morning (that’s the idea at least, but it’s been slow going so far) I’ll post a photo of a sunrise that one of the blog’s readers has sent in. There’s a mailing list too [also defunct], so you can get a lovely sunrise photo delivered to your mailbox each morning as a little wake-up image.

Instructions are on the Sunrise Photo Project blog for how to contribute. Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to! And if you live near a beautiful locale, or are vacationing to one soon, this would be a great time to make that early-morning trek. 🙂 Tell your friends!

Increased Ability to Waste Time
My new computer glasses are awesome. I didn’t even realize I was straining my eyes so much, but my eyes (and my head) have been soooo much happier since I started using them. Hooray!

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