Celebrity news

Jason, Erik and I went to the Arclight last night to see A Prairie Home Companion. The movie was pleasant, but not amazing or unusually memorable (much like our pre-movie dinner, at 25 Degrees). The most exciting thing about the evening? Liza Minnelli was in the theatre watching the movie with us! She was wearing a black hoodie and was accompanied by one or two young men. She also looked considerably less insane than she does on ”Arrested Development,” which can only be a good thing. It made me happy to think of her looking pretty and dressed-down and going out on a Monday night to see A Prairie Home Companion.

On a sadder note, ex-porn star Asia Carrera’s husband Don died Sunday in a car accident. I can’t remember now how I ever found Asia’s site (no, I’ve never seen any of her movies), but I’ve rather gotten to like her through her “bulletins”. She and Don married within the past few years, and for the past six months at least, her bulletins have consisted of essentially nothing but blissful updates about newlywed life and life as a new parent (her daughter Catalina is one year old), with frequent photo updates of the family together. Lately she hadn’t been updating as much, claiming she was so happy she had nothing to write about, so I stopped checking for a few weeks. It broke my heart yesterday when I visited her site again and found that finally she had some news to report… and that it was this. Losing a loved one is my worst fear ever, so my heart really goes out to her for what she’s going through now (not that I can even imagine what it’s like).

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