Mixed bag

Guess who’s going to dinner
Ying, Stale, Erik and I are going to one of the Ghetto Gourmet dinners in a couple of weeks when we get back from San Jose. The idea behind these is a bunch of strangers get together at someone’s house to meet, eat, and have some entertainment. You reserve in advance and pay for your own food, and also bring your own drinks. I have no idea who these other people are that we’re going to meet — I’m envisioning everything from wannabe-hippies to mod urbanites — but surely a few academics and engineers will fit in just fine. ;b

Will teach writing for food
In other news, it looks like I may have a job for next year! No, nothing fancy, but it is a year-long appointment (which TAships aren’t always). I’ll be helping lead a writing pedagogy course for TAs of writing-intensive courses, and serving as counselor/advisor to the TAs. This just means I’ll be helping other grad students get through the ins and outs of teaching undergrads to write (which can be extremely challenging, as I well know!). It’ll be different from anything I’ve ever done before, but it sounds like just the right thing for me for next year. Perhaps best of all, it’s a 25%-time appointment, so I won’t have to work more than ten hours any week. Hooray!

More twigs for the nest
Aaaaand… here is a clumsily spliced together photo of our newly furnished living room! The piano (our accumulated wedding gift from all our family and friends… thank you!!) we got last week, and the sofa we got two days ago (with much squeezing and pushing; it almost didn’t fit through the door).


We’re going to change the lighting around a bit, and we’re thinking of mounting a wall shelf behind the sofa for extra coffee-table-type space, but overall we’re just thoroughly enjoying the room.

There are some new twigs in the kitchen and bathroom, too, but as both those rooms are very messy those photos will have to wait.

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