Unexpected connections

I was sitting in an armchair at HD Buttercup a couple of days ago, resting after an afternoon of running around shopping, when the ambient music suddenly caught my ear.

All your dreams are over now
And all your wings have fallen down
All your dreams are over now
And all your wings have fallen down…

I know your heart can’t grieve
What your eyes won’t see
But you were my favorite moment
Of our dead century…

It wasn’t just a sudden moment of connection — “hey, this is a great song!” — like I felt the first time I heard Lighthouse Family’s “You’re a Star”, but also a moment of recognition. The song made me want to get up and throw myself into dancing, which I’d guess isn’t the first response most people would have to the song. It reminded me of last winter, and our final performance piece in Hassan‘s dance class. It may even have been the music we danced to, or else Hassan played it during class fairly frequently. I really don’t know. But the sense of recognition was so great that I immediately pulled out a notebook and wrote down the chorus so I could google it later.

Now I’ve found the song, and I’ve also found another connection. It turns out that the band who wrote this song, NYC-based TV on the Radio, was founded by the star of one of my favorite movies, Jump Tomorrow. If you’ve seen the movie, this will floor you as much as it did me: George/Jorge!! Singing!!

Well, give the song a listen.

In other news, the Hollywood Farmers’ Market is simply enormous. It’s also a very respectable walk from our apartment, almost two miles one way. My market jaunt today took two hours of my morning, but it was well worth it. I haven’t gone to my closest farmers’ market in months because I now have class on Mondays, when the market is open, and it saddened me to realize today that I’d almost missed white peach and white nectarine season for the first time in years. But no longer! Farmers’ markets will be part of my life once more! (As will sage and eucalyptus soap, which I got from the market and with which I am in love.)

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