My books cause me a lot of trouble

Yet another example of apparently straightforward tasks that take an absurdly long time to complete:

[photo lost]

Erik and I have spent the entire day assembling and installing these bookcases. From about 9 AM, when they delivered the flat-packed parts, to about half an hour ago, when we finished loading in all my books and running an extension cord for the lamp, we have been putting this thing together, with only occasional breaks to eat or take a breather.

I can’t believe that that is all we did today.

I am so tired.

Next up in the nesting game: sofabed (will be delivered next week–come visit! :D), piano, and other goodies.

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2 responses to “My books cause me a lot of trouble

    • Re: ah very nice!

      Both Tisha and Lyapa don’t seem to mind that there is now a huge new thing in the apartment. They are odd kitties.

      Lyapa watched us set up, though; she kept coming in and out of the room and keeping us company. She is a very companionable little squeaky toy. 🙂

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