Hand your plate over

A few evenings ago, Erik and I went over to Jackie’s, where she made a delicious, enormous dinner for the three of us and Dave. I made myself as useful as I could, but still she deserves very nearly all the credit for this amazing spread!

A bountiful table

1Set table

Caprese salad bites

2Caprese bites and drink

This was a really delicious salad.


Crabmeat-stuffed mushroom caps

4Stuffed mushroom caps

Puff-pastry cheese puffs and another shot of the caprese bites

5Cheese puffs and caprese bites

Kabobs: filet mignon, vegetables, and marinated shrimp


Sweet-and-spicy salsa, for the shrimp kabobs


Creamy, cheesy potatoes gratin

8Pommes gratinées

And focaccia, garlic butter, and drinks on the dining table!

9Set dining table

We ate ourselves silly, watched the first half of the Project Runway finale, then finished off with some delicious cupcakes. I didn’t get a picture of those, but they were a reworked version of the yummy cake Jackie made for my engagement party last August. [photos originally linked, but now inserted below]

P8050009.Cake close-up

P8050014.Cut cake

I love Jackie. 🙂

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