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Mil Hama Bakery
Today Ying and I went to a bakery in Koreatown where nearly everything was $1, including an amazingly delicious… thing… that looked kind of like a dense, round, knobby scone. It had raisins and other bits of dried fruit in it, and it had a thick crust all around the outside, but the inside also appeared to have crusts within it. Finally Ying concluded that it was probably made from cubes of day-old bread bound together with a mixture of something like condensed milk, and rebaked in the round shape. It was fabulous. I also bought bread whose label bore the inexplicable name, “15th Century.” In a Monty Python sketch this would probably mean the bread was an actual relic from the fifteenth century, but in this case it just meant a delightfully soft loaf of pull-apart bread with whipped cream in the middle. Whipped cream! In bread! I must say it’s delicious.

Would You Shop Here?
While leaving Ying’s neighborhood I spotted a sign on a small shop:

Curiosidades CARMENCITA.
Juguetes Cosmeticos
Y Toda Clase de Zapatos.

(Carmencita’s Curiosities. Toys Cosmetics and All Classes of Shoes.)

Next time I’ll return on foot and take a photo.

And now, a couple of silly videos I’ve had bookmarked for a while to mention here, and never got round to doing till now: [links broken]
Workaholics’ Antidote
What a great boyfriend.

Elderly Woman Pwnz Asshole Mercedes Owner
It’s that great “thunk” that cracks me up every time.

Fierce new entries in the days to come!

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