Comfort food

It was late and we were hungry. Not wanting to venture far from home, we went to Uzbekistan. Erik had the most amazing beef noodle soup ever, served in a tureen, and I had potato dumplings with tomato vegetable sauce. The bread they gave us was crusty and hot out of the oven, and came accompanied with herbed cream cheese. And when they brought us the bill, the handsome waiter presented it to Erik with a “This is for you,” before placing a complimentary bowl of vanilla ice cream in front of me and adding, “And this is for you.” When we left, they told us to come again.

Uzbekistan wins a place in the new little black book I am compiling of LA restaurants.

Uzbekistan Restaurant
7077 Sunset Blvd at La Brea
LA 90028
(323) 464-FOOD
“open seven days a week 11:00 AM to last spoon of plov” (plov = pilaf)

Margaret, if you are reading this, let me know the next time you are free and we will go to Uzbekistan together!

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3 responses to “Comfort food

  1. yum

    hey lisa, it’s eurie. is this place near the yummy ice cream of mashti malone’s??

    • Re: yum

      Yes yes yes it is! It’s across the street from it. I was thinking of going to Mashti’s after Uzbekistan, but then they gave me ice cream and rendered that… well, not unnecessary, but kind of an unhealthy idea. 🙂 Both places are also very close to my apartment.

      I thought of you today, and your recent journal entry on being Korean, because I was in K-Town and my friend (who is doing a critical theory *shudder* PhD at Riverside) and I were talking about all the well-off and perfectly made up Korean girls all over the city. (Related entry here, involving the same friend and the same area of K-Town).

  2. mmm Uzbekistan

    Ahh lisa that was so sweet of you to think of me…that restaurant sound wonderful…I haven’t had Uzbek food in so long…(tears coming to eyes moment)…I would love to accompany you on your food finds! Save me from the hospital cafeteria! =)

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