OMG freaky! I was working on a paper when my keyboard froze, so I hit a whole bunch of keys in annoyance. I don’t know what I pressed, but suddenly a male voice began speaking out of my computer… and it was reading my very own words, that I had just typed out in my paper. Very creepy thing to happen late at night, and I still don’t know what that function is.

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4 responses to “Eek

  1. I beleive that the function you are referring to is the portal to hell. Seeing as how Bill has made a deal with the devil, it’s only fitting he would include it in Microsoft Word. You have to type an exact sequence of keys.

    Actually, what you just said reminded me of an old cartoon called freakazoid, don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but in it the cartoon character gains superpowers due to a glitch in a program which can only be accessed by typing an exact sequence of letters and numbers followed by delete. (Hey, i didn’t say it was a good cartoon….well actually it was…)

    • Hahaha, I remember Freakazoid. The only line of the song anyone can ever remember is “runs around in underwear/Freakazoid/Freakazoid!”

      I just read an article in Smithsonian about how Bill Gates has given so much to charity, improved health in developing nations, etc etc. Written by Jimmy Carter, too. So I’m inclined to be kindly disposed toward him right now, though I still agree that Microsoft is evil.

      • hehe

        I always remember the last few lines:
        “He’s here to save the nation/So stay tuned to this station/If not, we’ll be unemployed/freakazoid/freakazoid.” The best cartoons are always cancelled way too early.

        Hmm….i guess redemption and forgiveness is a key part of life/moral values,so ok. I was only kidding about him being evil anyways, but the guy is definitely smart and ruthless. However, this brings up an interesting question. Is it possible to sink so low that you can never repent/redeem yourself with remorse and acts of charity or mercy?

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