In response to Patrick’s comment (it must be you, eh?), here is a numerical summary of my vacation so far:

chapters revised: 1
hours of research: 1
books I intended to read: 5
number of above books actually read: 0
emails sent regarding AAS 10W: 2
emails received regarding AAS 10W: 8
warm-fuzzy emails received from AAS 10W students regarding my performance as their TA: 3

travel and entertainment
days spent at Universal Studios: 1
days spent at Disneyland: 1
rides I went on: 10+
days spent in Berkeley: 1
hours spent in line: 5+
number of above hours spent waiting for a table at La Note in Berkeley: 0.75
movies watched: 1
episodes of Arrested Development watched: about 10
grown-up novels read: 2
children’s novels read: 5

shindig invitations ordered: 100
trips to Santana Row mall (the San Jose equivalent of LA’s Grove): 2
pairs of shoes purchased: 3
pairs of shoes returned: 1
articles of clothing purchased: 4
handbags purchased: 1
books purchased: 2
number of above books that are food-related: 2

restaurant meals consumed: 10+
cakes baked: 3
cookies baked: 200+
truffles made: 20+
French onion soups made: 1
onions used: 3 pounds
butter used: about 3 pounds (12 sticks)
chocolate used: about 3 pounds
white chocolate chips used: 3 pounds
dried cranberries used: 3 cups
hours exercised: <1 (not including walking)
pounds gained: don’t ask

friends and family
friends seen: 15+
extended-family gatherings: 2
photos taken: 100+
smiles, laughs, hugs, happy thoughts, inside jokes, love exchanged: you can’t put a number on that.

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