In response to Patrick’s comment (it must be you, eh?), here is a numerical summary of my vacation so far:

chapters revised: 1
hours of research: 1
books I intended to read: 5
number of above books actually read: 0
emails sent regarding AAS 10W: 2
emails received regarding AAS 10W: 8
warm-fuzzy emails received from AAS 10W students regarding my performance as their TA: 3

travel and entertainment
days spent at Universal Studios: 1
days spent at Disneyland: 1
rides I went on: 10+
days spent in Berkeley: 1
hours spent in line: 5+
number of above hours spent waiting for a table at La Note in Berkeley: 0.75
movies watched: 1
episodes of Arrested Development watched: about 10
grown-up novels read: 2
children’s novels read: 5

shindig invitations ordered: 100
trips to Santana Row mall (the San Jose equivalent of LA’s Grove): 2
pairs of shoes purchased: 3
pairs of shoes returned: 1
articles of clothing purchased: 4
handbags purchased: 1
books purchased: 2
number of above books that are food-related: 2

restaurant meals consumed: 10+
cakes baked: 3
cookies baked: 200+
truffles made: 20+
French onion soups made: 1
onions used: 3 pounds
butter used: about 3 pounds (12 sticks)
chocolate used: about 3 pounds
white chocolate chips used: 3 pounds
dried cranberries used: 3 cups
hours exercised: <1 (not including walking)
pounds gained: don’t ask

friends and family
friends seen: 15+
extended-family gatherings: 2
photos taken: 100+
smiles, laughs, hugs, happy thoughts, inside jokes, love exchanged: you can’t put a number on that.

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6 responses to “Numbers

    • Re: yes!

      Ha, I forgot about that one! My sisters and I have been singing and doing Gob’s little magic-show dance to each other for days (you know the one he always does before his show, with the dorky 80s music), and quoting lines at each other.

  1. I’m late to the party, but – ooh, you watched Arrested Development? How do you like it? I asked for Seasons 1 and 2 for Christmas without ever having actually watched it on a regular basis, I just knew that what I had seen was so funny. I still haven’t watched all my DVDs but I look forward to it. Okay, just asking, since no one else I know actually watches it. 😛

    • I don’t know why the show didn’t get more of a fan base, since it’s not only hilariously funny but also very smart. And quirky. A friend got me addicted — he made me sit down with him and watch the first two seasons on DVD — and now I’m really excited for the third season to come out. It’s funny because there are several of us in my school cohort who are fans of the show, so every now and then it’ll come up in conversation and we’ll share our favorite moments. I got my sisters and Erik to watch, too.

      Entertainment Weekly recently had an article about the show’s early demise, and what they said was that the show had a teeny tiny fan base, but an unusually loyal one. Yay! Cult status?

      Have fun watching 🙂

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