Just a small rant

Why is it that with some people it just takes pissiness to get them to do anything?

I placed an order for a pair of shoes with an online retailer on 20 May. I heard nothing from them for weeks. Finally, on 5 June, I sent them an email requesting the status of my order. On 9 June, they sent me an email saying the shoes I’d ordered were out of stock, and they’d try to find some more for me the next day. More days passed without any contact from them.

Finally, this morning I just couldn’t take it anymore and sent them an irritated email canceling my order and telling them their service was unprofessional, disrespectful, and disappointing, and that a store should always keep its customers informed of their order status, but particularly when items are out of stock or shipping is delayed. This time they sent a reply within the hour.

Geez. How hard is it to do just the basics? That’s all I ask: basic courtesy and basic professionalism! Uch!

Well, with all the things that have been going on lately, a least I got to rant to someone about something. Now back to my two assignments.

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