Photos galore

I was just thinking about dance, and I did a Google search, and look, it’s my beautiful dance teacher! Go here and you can even watch a short video of her performing.

I’m finally done with the bulk of my work for this quarter. Just a little bit more to go, and it’s all grading. My mind and body are grateful, as is my… mental and spiritual health, I guess. My unhealthy habits, and all the stuff I’ve had weighing on me, have made me a little less cheerful and tolerant than usual in the past few days. Yesterday I noticed that I wasn’t cranky, exactly, but my annoyance meter was definitely reaching its limit. Anything else would have pushed it over the top, so thank goodness I encountered some nice people who helped bring it down. Today, though, I think all the sleep deprivation and bad eating and lack of exercise (among other things) was really getting to me. By the time I got home tonight I was really almost cranky.

It was a fun evening, but I’m tired and have been spending the past hour or so unwinding in preparation to go to bed. I’ve also eaten a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream (courtesy of Rosemary!) and edited all our photos from tonight. Our cohort had an end-of-year party at the Prof’s house, similar to the one we had at Ellen’s house at the end of last quarter. The Prof has a beautiful house, and she was a very gracious host. I think we were all pretty exhausted, but it was still a nice time. So here are the photos: choose smaller size or larger size (for fast connections)! And be warned: there are a lot of them. [albums removed, but here are a couple of photos]



Now it’s bedtime. Finally, thank goodness.

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