Quick notes

Bullet-point style (I know, I know), because I have two assignments to finish before tomorrow evening.

-Grad school is bringing out all my vices. I have so little time to really relax and do nice things for myself that as soon as I have a spare moment I run out and indulge. I go shopping all the time now. Also, I buy lots of food, and even more gourmet food than I used to. It’s really bad because it’s just firefighting-they’re just short-term consolation prizes to make up for my neglect to really take care of myself. If I were addressing my true needs first, I’d be sleeping more, exercising more, and spending more time cooking with fresh vegetables and preparing fresh fruits. But since I feel pressed for time, I go for the quick fixes.

That said, they do make me feel better, and in this often-chaotic quarter, anything that can do that is welcome. Case in point: I just went to Trader Joe’s and bought food and drink and now I feel lots better about the next twenty-four hours.

Oh well, whatever works.

-Some students are just assholes. They just are. And when you grade papers, you have to deal with them. This is not fun.

On the other hand, many of them are very nice, and I’ve had more than one opportunity to be reminded of this lately. Thank goodness for the nice people of this world. And that includes the checkout guy I talked to at Trader Joe’s tonight.

-One more week and I’m FREEEEEEEEEEE…

… to clean my apartment, catch up on sleep, and then start studying for qualifying exams. C’est la vie, non?

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY and happy graduation Al!!!!!!! *throws marshmallows at you*

Hope you’re all doing well, my dears.

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