Nightmare of sorts

Last night I dreamt that I was not able to bake anything for my cohort before our Wednesday class. I had some special presentation to make that would go particularly well with food, but somehow I’d completely forgotten the date, so when that morning dawned I had nothing to bring. I was panicking and trying to find a quick recipe. For some reason I thought pound cake would fit the bill, but I couldn’t find my pound cake recipe anywhere. People started to trickle in. Jason was there, and Heather, and I think Precious. I felt like I had to entertain them while I rushed around, so I put on one of my new CDs. They kept reassuring me that it was fine, I didn’t have to bake anything, but I still felt like I’d let them down.

This reflects reality pretty well. A lot of my fear of failure is in my own head, based on my own extremely high expectations.

This did get me thinking, though, about what to bake for this week… I’ve been pondering puff pastry and croissant dough. Do you think if I wrapped squares of chocolate in croissant dough and baked them, they’d be good? They sound good in theory, don’t they. Like pigs in a blanket, only chocolate in a blanket. If I have time on Tuesday, maybe I’ll try it.

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at My current self wants to say to my 2005 self, “Um, you mean chocolate croissants?”]