March of the Penguins

This movie trailer is the cutest thing you’ll need to see for a while.

Here is a funny thing. Last night, I attempted to defrost my freezer. Yes, it’s an old model, not to mention tiny, and I’d been really bad about defrosting it so the frost and ice were piled up almost two inches thick. Very bad. I was variously chipping away at the surface with a spoon, and trying to steam it out with a pan of boiling water, and I scraped out trayfuls of what looked just like snowy powder. I told Erik over the phone that I felt like I was in Tahoe trying to get snow off my skis. It was that kind of mushy freezy stuff. It really did remind me of snow.

Then I watched that penguin movie trailer.

Somehow while I slept the two things came together in my mind, and I dreamed Erik and I got sucked into the movie trailer and were wandering around Antarctica. There was a research station there–with a fancy restaurant, of all things–and my uncle (who’s a physicist) was working there, so we sort of had free rein. But it was scary, because there were big white animals wandering around, and deep icy water, and it was freezing cold and windy.

My freezer + penguins = Antarctica. Great. At least it’s not my bathtub!

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