Amusement in two acts

I wanted to find a recipe for honey tea cake, so I googled “recipe ‘honey tea cake’.” Google returned five hits. The blurb for the second one mentioned the honey tea cake from Miette, which is the cake I was thinking of, and also a salad I love from Ruth Reichl’s books. I was so excited because I thought I was going to get a honey tea cake recipe from someone who had the exact same food tastes as me! Then I realized Google had returned to me a page off my own site. Doh!

Patrick–or someone else–needs to have a costume party soon, because American Vintage sucked me in today, and now I can dress like Betty Crocker.


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2 responses to “Amusement in two acts

  1. classic!

    nice outfit! i will start planning costume parties and other festivities as soon as things cool down with school. end of quarters suck!


    • Re: classic!

      Yay! I’ll recommend that everyone check out this vintage shop, because there was soooo much there, and for really reasonable prices.

      Good luck with your work this weekend!

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