Because I don’t have a webcam

Like I said yesterday, I’ve been really tired this week. Today I had a bit of a rest day, though it’s been more of a necessary stop-running-around moment than a real period of rejuvenation. Still, thank goodness I did get this chance to just do nothing for a day!

I had dinner out tonight with some members of my cohort, which was fun as always. I had a pretty nice Caesar salad and I got to see everyone a little more dressed up than usual, which I enjoyed. Then I went downtown by myself to Little Pedro’s for Mickey Champion’s birthday show. Miss Mickey really is the powerhouse they say she is, and what’s more, she sings in a style that you don’t really hear anymore, reminiscent of other jazz and blues greats who are no longer with us. She circulated through the listeners and was just obviously having a great time.

I had fun, but I left early. I think grad school is making me old. The place was teeming with sexy indie young things and it just wasn’t my kind of crowd, though I enjoyed watching them. I felt like I was too academic–and too sober–to belong there. And this isn’t a self-deprecating thing to say; I don’t mind not being one of the sexy indie girls, and I don’t think I’m less interesting or good-looking or whatever because of it. It’s just a statement of fact: they and I do not go in the same category.

So, it appears two hours is my limit for hanging out solo in a crowd I don’t belong in, because that’s how long I stayed. And it turns out it’s a good thing I left when I did, because I was a lot more tired than I realized, and driving home got to feeling like a long hard slog even though it’s not much distance at all.

And so, I came back and had some lovely leftover dough slice noodles, and now I’ll share with you my current state of being. Since I don’t have a webcam, I took a photo with my self timer instead: photographic evidence of how I always seem to look these days. Tired.

2005 April 8 - Drinking

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