My camera has been busy

Hey! Google “Erik and Lisa” and see what you get for the top hit. 😀

Longer update coming later. But in the meantime, I’ll show you what occupied a couple of hours of my time this afternoon. A short walk to a garage sale and a well-spent four dollars = I finally have a place to put my books!

2005 April -  New shelf

PS. I am feeling better. Thank you.

I’m trying to start this quarter off right in terms of what time I go to bed, so it looks like my longer update will have to wait until tomorrow or afterward. But I’ve posted some more photos to keep you entertained till I get back.

On our way back down to LA, Erik and I stopped at San Luis Reservoir off Highway 152 (I think it was) and did a little exploring. Click on the photo to go to the album. [album is no longer online, but I’ve re-uploaded some of the photos below]

31.Path to the sky

32.Small flowers

48.Blue green blue



64.Lisa walking

Early this morning, in spite of the time change, we went for a walk to Wattles Garden Park. [selected photos uploaded below]

33.Lisa looking very pleased



74.Poppies, lavender and shadows

66.Chain-link flowers







You might enjoy comparing this album of early spring morning Wattles photos with the one taken earlier, on a rainy afternoon.

As always, feel free to download any of the photos for use on your own desktop!

Enjoy! Tomorrow’s my first day of class, but I have a bread sponge going and I have my new bookshelf, so I’m equipped. 🙂

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