Short study

We’ve been reading about the social history of individuals for our social history course, inspiring me to shorten and quirkify today’s entry in keeping with some of the historical diaries we examined.
Been making sleep real priority past few days. Also organization. Quarter off to good start.

Pleasant day.

Started w/ orange juice, banana, delicious shirred eggs w/ seasoned breadcrumbs for breakfast, & finishing up some reading before class. Got work done for once ahead of time & w/ out having to rush, found myself w/ bit of time to spare. Baked refrigerator cookies, they went over very well in class & prompted Jan to tell everyone I make “killer chocolate cake.” Nice of her!

Seasoned breadcrumbs

3c fresh bread crumbs
1c grated Parmesan
3T oregano
2T basil
1T thyme
1t black pepper
1t coarse salt
1/2t cayenne pepper
Mix. Will keep 6 mos. in fridge.

Hair looks nice today. Cheeks cheerfully rosy due to heat.

Dinner w/ Jason, enjoyable conversation. Indian food.

Got home, evening sun so lovely. Inspired charming photos.
Click! [original gallery no longer online, but I’ve re-uploaded some photos below]




P4100034.Girl and cat clock
I don’t understand German, but that probably made this site [link broken] more entertaining to me. A photo gallery devoted to bad parking.

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