No time!

Wow, this is so cool–I just had the biggest epiphany ever that explains several things about the way I am. This is so awesome. And I have no time to write it out in an entry! Pooo! But… yeah. I make sense to me now. ;b

I am soooooo screwed for the next few days… with all I’ve got to do, I’ll only be able to pick two of the following:

And schoolwork obviously has to be one of them, so that means either: (a) I get way less sleep than I need, or (b) I will have to be working hard every waking minute. I already know that I have to get at least eight hours these days because my body just rebels at anything less; I mean it literally, physically won’t allow it. I get so dizzy I can’t even sit up straight by about 8pm. But I also know that I’m really bad at being consistently productive for more than about two hours at a time before I start really going insane. So either way, I am in big trouble!


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