No time!

Wow, this is so cool–I just had the biggest epiphany ever that explains several things about the way I am. This is so awesome. And I have no time to write it out in an entry! Pooo! But… yeah. I make sense to me now. ;b

I am soooooo screwed for the next few days… with all I’ve got to do, I’ll only be able to pick two of the following:

And schoolwork obviously has to be one of them, so that means either: (a) I get way less sleep than I need, or (b) I will have to be working hard every waking minute. I already know that I have to get at least eight hours these days because my body just rebels at anything less; I mean it literally, physically won’t allow it. I get so dizzy I can’t even sit up straight by about 8pm. But I also know that I’m really bad at being consistently productive for more than about two hours at a time before I start really going insane. So either way, I am in big trouble!


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10 responses to “No time!

  1. cruel

    telling us about an epiphany, without telling us what it is?
    can you sleep four, work four, sleep four, work four? they do it in the army. you go crasy after a while, but you can do it for about 3-4 days.

    • Re: cruel

      I know it’s cruel! Sorry!

      Do they really do that in the army? Hmmm… this bears thinking about… I will ponder it today while I’m on the bus to campus.

      • Re: cruel

        they do, but remember the point about going zomby after 3-4 days. and don’t carry around weapons. bad things happen when young people do this for two weeks while carrying a loaded weapon. (not necessarily them going crasy and shooting people, more often them not being careful enough and letting out a bullet that hurts them or someone else)

        • Re: cruel

          I would imagine so. Perhaps equally frightening are the late/odd hours forced upon med students…

          I think I’m not going to do the army schedule since I do have to go to campus for certain things and I’m too sleep-deprived to try to arrange the sleeping hours around the trips to campus. ;b

  2. not enough hours in a day

    the lack of hours is a constant problem. don’t know if it’s grad school or life, but there’s always at least three alternatives for every given hour and you usually really want or have to do two. if you find a good solution, please let me know.

  3. it’s allison. you know, your little sister.

    hahaha, i decided to read your journal today, since you helped on the yearbook lunch headline. haha, SO…i say you should pick schoolwork and sleep. sanity is not so necessary. xD just take a look at our family when we’re all home.

    • Re: it’s allison. you know, your little sister.

      Hi Al 🙂 Yeah, it looks like sanity is going to be what’s sacrificed. It’s already seeping away anyway… might as well hasten the process. ;b

      • Re: it’s allison. you know, your little sister.

        hey, you did decide to go to gradschool. that doesn’t say much for your sanity in the first place, does it? 😛

        • Re: it’s allison. you know, your little sister.

          You’re right! Excellent–now I don’t have to make a choice. 😉 I’ll study and sleep and let the insanity take over completely. 😀

  4. Hi Lisa it’s margaret!

    Hi Lisa! hope your weekend is going swell! I thought about you today because I was thinking about Far Leaves!! I want to visit when I head up north next weekend. =) Maybe we could, if our schedules coincide, revisit our old haunt!! That would be muy swell…anyhow, I read your short story!! Gosh, you told me about the harsh criticism of your class, but i didn’t realize it was that harsh. What a bunch of meanies. Sounds like you had a bad time about it, I’m really sorry to hear. We think we’re immune to words, but sometimes they can really get to you. Anyhow, belated though it is, here is my two cents. I don’t agree that your character is “too perfect”. If anything, being too perfect is a flaw in itself and so that would mean that your character really IS flawed!! Actually, I thought that was the point of your story, to talk about how Asian kids have this pressure to live up to, to fit a “model minority myth.” I thought it was very realistic and very cool that you mentioned it, because that’s something hard to talk about. Sure, when you talked about how the community college professor was dumb, I did silently say ‘ouch’, but hey, that’s the reality of your character’s point of view, and it takes a lot of guts to speak the truth. I give you a huge bravo for stepping out on a limb and speaking about what it’s like to be a second generation Asian American. It’s something 99% of people don’t understand. To be fair, I will give you some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism(which it sounds like your class was lacking!!) I thought maybe it would help if you defined the conflict and its resolution little more clearly…i.e. it sounded like the conflict the character had was with not being able to live up to this standard of education she placed on herself, and finding meaning in something random…and therefore realizing joy in the spontaneity of life? See it wasn’t too clear to me. But the thing is, I’m no literary pundit, so I don’t even know if what I am saying really helps but I hope it does. As for being too perfect, I say fooey to that! No one knows what it’s like to be Lisa Hsia except Lisa Hsia. And I happen to Like Lisa Hsia that way she is =P

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