It’s official: I now have more cookbooks than my kitchen can hold.


Four of these cookbooks I bought or received as gifts within the past thirty days, and now I can’t get any more because I don’t have space for my cookbooks anywhere but this particular shelf in the kitchen. (FYI: I had to stand on the counter to take this photo.) Seeing all these cookbooks nicely lined up made me want to do something more exciting with this photo, so I created a new page that I’ll be working on in the upcoming week. It’s linked on my book review page [link broken] and I think it’ll stay there; I don’t think I’ll link it from the main page since I don’t want that to get any more cluttered than it already is. Sound good? Good.

I was going to write a long entry about politics and creative writing and RSS and other things, but now I got sidetracked creating the new page and baking more of Nicole‘s excellent chocolate chip cookies and talking on the phone to people, and Jennifer drove up to visit me and she’s almost here, so that entry is going to have to wait until later!

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