Today felt like my first day back at school, because last week I only had creative writing, and today I had my two graduate seminars: American historiography from 1830-1900, and critical issues in Asian American history. I had been apprehensive about both but if today’s sessions were any indication I’m in for a good quarter: the professors are engaging and seem nice, the reading lists are great, and the assignments seem really useful. Also, it felt amazingly good to be back with my complete cohort again, all fourteen of us. I’d almost forgotten what a wonderful, cohesive group dynamic we have, and it was a pleasure to spend time with them again. We had lunch together after class, and then some of us met again in the evening at a place in Santa Monica to hang out and talk a little more. Incidentally they were filming a segment of some TV program inside the bar while we were there; Sasha’s girlfriend questioned a security person outside and discovered that the program was naming this bar ninth among the “ten best places to get a beer,” assumedly in the LA area.

In other news, I had a sleepless few hours a couple of nights ago when I had an idea for a short story for my class. I wrote everything down that I could think of and tonight I think I might do some writing on that.

Oh and this is SO totally cute and funny: Geraldine. Sphi sent it to me; she got it from Debbie. It’s in French but the only French you really need to know for it is the opening line: One morning, Gerald wakes up transformed into a woman.

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