The old man is snoring

Mommy sent me a NYT article today about the unusually heavy rain this winter in California. I was glad to read the article because I’d been wondering about the nonstop pouring rain going on here–I may be new to LA, but even I know that the weather’s supposed to be better here than in the Bay Area! Actually, Los Angeles is said to get only 35 days of rain per year. I’m sure we’ve already had that much and it’s not even spring yet. Being a (must I say former?) Berkeleyan, I don’t mind the rain at all: I’m used to it, and here I don’t have to go walking in it and I don’t have to go to class every day.

So the other day I posted some glasses-less photos of myself in my gallery. [link broken, but some photos re-uploaded below]

Lisa noglasses

Lisa noglasses chin down

If ever there was a photographic argument for my getting contacts, I think this would be it. (I do have makeup on, however.) But I still have no desire to poke my eyeballs every morning and evening, so it won’t be happening anytime in the near future. *shudder*

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2 responses to “The old man is snoring

  1. buh?

    why are you wearing so much makeup? the pictor with halibut was cute though. it certainly did make me smile. :]

    Meanwhile, in those other pictors without all the makeup, you look very much like your younger self without glasses. 😀


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