New addition

Inspired by Harlan’s attractive and amusing Tale of the Tape [link broken] comparison of Berkeley and Princeton, I’ve decided to create my own comparison chart tracking my opinions of Berkeley and LA. (Actually, I decided to do this as soon as I came upon Harlan’s chart a month or two ago, but for reasons best known as “school” and “games” and “cookies” I haven’t gotten around to it until now.) Mine isn’t nearly as pretty as Harlan’s, and it’s a lot more cluttered–hey, I talk more–but I had a really good time making it. I’m not done yet but I HAVE to go to bed now so I’ll continue it another day.

Sadly, this is the earliest I’ll have gone to bed in a couple of weeks. This from a person who has a prettily formatted typed note above her nightstand that says “bedtime is eleven 11 p.m.”

Oh yeah. Evidence that I need more sleep: I almost posted this without including the link. Well, it’s here, but you’ll have a lot more fun if you go to my main page and hunt for the link in the grass. [see below] Really.

Ugh, the formatting looks terrible! All this time spent on it and it looks like this. Sigh. All right. Another day.

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at Below, I’ve uploaded an image of what my website looked like at this time. The link to the “Berkeley versus LA” page was hidden in the grass. I’ve put the page back up, but haven’t fixed any broken links within the chart.]