A night out, followed by a few hours in

Today was a rainy day. I woke up at noon and spent most of my afternoon eating, playing Tontie (v.1–I’m up to level 20!), and doing some cleaning and organizing around the apartment. For dinner I went out with Margaret to Rambutan Thai, a hip-looking little restaurant tucked into a totally unassuming (some might say ghetto… the sign for the next-door storefront said ESCROW) strip mall on Sunset way down by Silver Lake. This is probably the first time I’ve gone out to dinner with a friend in LA; oh no, there’s the time I had Thai food with Precious after class. But that was really casual, and this was a little more of an event, and to my surprise and pleasure it wasn’t too different from what I used to do all the time in Berkeley and SF. So I’m feeling much more kindly disposed toward LA tonight.

I hadn’t wanted to leave my apartment but I did very much want to see Margaret, and I’m so glad she called me and got me out of the house. She brought me some really addictive delicious apple crisps, too, that she’d made herself. I quizzed her on her technique and upon hearing of her apple obsession, made sure I lent her Michael Pollan’s The Botany of Desire. I had fun dressing decently for once (have been living in PJs) and enjoyed the food and the atmosphere at Rambutan, though the place was a little too noisy for a really good catch-up conversation. Still, we had our fun (and two plates of pad kee mao), and then came back to my apartment and amused ourselves with stupid internet tricks for several hours. (I seem to be doing this a lot lately.) We looked at Tales of the L33T’s Romeo and Juliet, Kenya, Badgers and their counterpart, Potters [link broken], Potter Puppet Pals, movie trailers, The End of the World, Dude Falling, a SNL cowbell sketch [link broken] (requires Windows Media Player), Great Moments in Musical Theater Featuring Eggs, Part I, various Harry Potter sites, and spent really a very long time enjoying The Speech Accent Archive. “Please call Stella…” Oh yes the internet is a source of endless mindless entertainment.

I had a really grand time tonight and I’m so glad and thankful Margaret and I are in the same city!

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