The moment you’ve been waiting for!

Finally, a photo update! Some pictures of my apartment, plus others of my Halloween costume and the clothes I bought today at Crossroads (see previous entry). Go here [link broken, but photos re-uploaded below] and enjoy!



Main room



Halloween costume - in mirror - full

new-to-me vintage clothes

New clothes - coat

New clothes - scarf

New clothes - sweater

I just had to record this for my future amusement. Dana’s and my AIM discussion of Crossroads staff:
Me: sometimes crossroads’ employees aren’t all that nice
Dana: yeah, sometimes they’re kinda those emo-grunge elitist types
m: yeah
m: ahahahaha
m: i love that
m: i have to write this down
d: haha
d: i don’t know how else to describe them
m: haha no, it’s perfect
d: 🙂
m: yeah
m: my antifashion angst is better than yours

If you’ve ever been to Crossroads I think you’ll understand.
It’s not true of all the employees, but it definitely applies to a lot of them.

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4 responses to “The moment you’ve been waiting for!

  1. pictors pictors pictors!!

    Yay! You are looking very good. Did you lose weight? I looks like it.

    Didn’t you say you weren’t going to shop anymore? Tsk tsk. ;] But it all looks very nice. That new coat has a very nice length! Je l’aime! And your halloween costume isn’t really scary. What are you supposed to be? You look nice though. It’s just the eyebrows that are a little much. But yeah you look very nice. Glad to know that you’re doing well. Don’t lose too much weight though otherwise the baguette brigade will have to come!!


    • Re: pictors pictors pictors!!

      That’s odd, Mommy also thought I was looking “trim.” I think it’s just the opposite… I have no scale here so I can’t tell. But I don’t think the baguette brigade needs to come over just yet. ;b

      I’m glad you like my coat. I like it too. 🙂 Yeah, Erik’s comment on my costume was “even when you’re trying not to look cute, you can’t help but be cute.” Doh.

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