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Latest update on the apartment search:
Yesterday I got a call back from someone who actually had a studio in Westwood for less than $1000. It’s small–just big enough for a queen size bed and desk but not much more, and the kitchen is so narrow I wouldn’t be able to put my dining table in it. The two windows (one in the main room, one in the kitchen) face a wall which seems to be about an arm’s-length away. But it does indeed have a kitchen and is almost across the street from the UCLA campus, which is good. There is nice built-in storage space, enough for all my clothes and shoes and probably even my books. The manager seems very competent and was nice enough to actually walk me through the application and explain all of it, which no one else has done and which I really appreciated. Still, on a hard day it would be especially depressing to be living in that tiny room with its grey carpet and nonexistent view. I don’t know if the proximity to UCLA is worth that and the $50-so savings in rent (over the other places I’ve seen). There’s no parking space either.

Tomorrow, after Erik leaves back to San Jose, I’ll be meeting with someone who is looking for someone to share her 2bd/2ba condo. I totally hadn’t been looking for a shared situation but she sounded reasonable and intelligent (which is rarer than it should be!) and-very important-also willing to tolerate the occasional Erik presence. Something else about her that amuses and interests me: her name is also Lisa.

Today Erik and I drove down to Rancho Palos Verdes to visit his brother Brian and Brian’s wife Emily. It’s funny because we’ve been together longer than they have; I wrote about their wedding when we attended it a couple of years ago. Today they took us to see the Wayfarers Chapel, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son. There was a wedding going on so we didn’t get to go inside the chapel, but we took some pictures outside.

Lisa and Erik by the roses

Wayfarers Church

And the view:

Palos Verdes

Road, from Wayfarers Church
Brian and Emily seem to be quite happy. With me in LA, hopefully we’ll be spending more time with them in the future.

Here are a couple of photos of the kitty I’m taking care of: [images removed]

And some evidence that the housing search is weighing on my mind:
(Also evidence that I’m nuts to start out with)

I drew this while lying on the bed talking to Erik. Since my main consciousness was busy with that conversation, I think it was my subconscious that came up with this:
2004 Sept 5 - The Apartment Search

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