Latest on the apt search

I had an appointment today to go see an apartment in West LA. The location is stupendously convenient: close (but not too close) to major freeways, very close to supermarkets (including Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods!), and best of all, there’s a bus line on the same street that runs directly to UCLA. Problem: the building reminded me of a motel: noisy and kind of cheesy-run-down looking. It was pink (going to be painted taupe soon, the manager told me), there was a courtyard with a pool and lots of kids playing around it, and people had their doors open and were playing loud music. Also inauspicious: the unit that is available is #13. I’ve never been superstitious about 13 but when I’m already not too impressed with the building, why tempt fate? I took an application anyway, though. The unit itself wasn’t bad. Then, while we were walking down the street to my car, I noticed a phone number and vacancy sign in the building two doors down, so I called them. This building was definitely better than the first one: neater and quieter, with bigger units but the same rent! And a parking space! So I think the application for the first place is going out.

So I’ve been apt-hunting for four days and so far there are two possibilities. The first is the place I looked at yesterday. Very cute place, cute neighborhood, but not all that close to UCLA. Doable, and probably worth it if I’m not going to campus every day. It’s just so much quieter and more attractive. The second place is the one I saw today. Not as nice an apartment, by far, but quite acceptable and the location is pretty unbeatable if I accept that I’m not going to be able to afford a place right next to campus. But these are both definitely good choices and I am heartened.

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